Time Travel

Reverb10 – December 21 – Future Self
Dear me,

What are you doing there lying in a snow bank? Get up. We need to talk.

You're wasting your time trying to pretend like you fit in. You don't have extra money to spend, the academics are no longer easy for you and you don't yet have a clue how to be a good friend. Admit your struggles and let the people around you help you (except the friends who have nicknamed their RA 'cunt face' - steer clear of that crew).

Figure out what you want from your days. Did you bust your ass and earn a ticket out just so you could spend your evenings searching for the party with the best keg? Do you really want to spend your time trying to find the right person- or let's be real, any person- to hook up with? When you catch up to me, those are not the quests you'll care about. You will laugh at the stories, shake your head and sometimes pull them out at parties. I know, I do this all the time. Instead, you will wish you'd listened to your alarm clock when it buzzed, asked for help when you needed it, handed over the car keys when your friends asked for them.

Reach out more. Don't settle for the friends you found during the first two weeks. Even when it seems impossible, your social circles can expand and change. Those people repairing the torn pride flags have a lot to offer you, don't be afraid of them. Talk to some of the people you pass on the street- you'll have some of the greatest conversations of your life. 

Stop eating bread. There's this thing called "gluten," look it up! Please.

Write your family more. They deserve it. Many of their hopes and dreams are traveling with you. 

Watch out for the tow truck drivers and telemarketers in your future.

Talk to Billy the Kid while you pump his gas. You'll still be wondering about his story 10 years from now!

your slightly wiser self


Many of the things that I'd love to open my younger eyes to, are the same ones I'll be embracing next year.  Authentic connection. Open mindedness. Action.  Days without regrets. Living fully.

Written in response to the prompt: "Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago.  What would you tell your younger self?)" (Author: Jenny Blake)

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