Guilty Pleasures

Coffee (overpriced, gas station pour, instant granules- whatever form it takes, I cannot get enough of it. Because of this I apologize to my liver and kidneys on a regular basis.)

Peering over people's shoulders in coffee shops. I love to sneak a glimpse into the lives of the people around me.

Cheese. Were it not for the deliciously addictive nature of this magical substance I could easily walk away from dairy.

Driving. Sometimes I reach my destination and just keep my foot pressed down on the gas pedal. Music blasting, tires turning... Bliss.

Watching sports on TV. I simply cannot get enough. Football, baseball, racing, bowling, tennis, golf... Sometimes if I haven't gotten my fill, I even watch poker (I still don't understand why ESPN calls this a sport). My heart wants to play along, my body insists that I use my passion to cheer.

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