More Dangling Signs

Through the moments of this summer,
I've raced, head down, scurrying from one to the next.
At the end of each day as my head hits the pillow
snapshots of the preceding hours flash in my mind.
A 4 year old boy dances in his sister's old nightgown,
Two young brothers splash each other in the tub,
A child, I once helped learn the ABCs, reads me a chapter.

Many of my mornings this summer have been spent
with my young, dandelion gathering friend.
On every walk I take with this newly two year old pal,
I steer us past the magical house pictured above.
Colorful beads strewn in the tree, symphonies of flowers
a sign that reads "It's a very rich and full imaginary life."
Just the reminder that I always seem to need.

The last time we stood there together
music poured out of an open door and window.
My friend tugged my hand and said

"Music! They're Dancing in There!!"
I love that he pictured this. I hope he was right.

With that, we were off to visit the chickens.

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  1. that totally just made me smile, i can just see you there.