Seeking Balance

I long for balance and moderation. 
They are shiny ideals that elude me. 
If I'm honest, I often forget to pursue them.
Instead, I linger in bed for precious extra morning hours
later wondering why I don't have time to paint and write. 
I watch hours of news broadcasts from Egypt
forgetting to move the wet laundry up into the dryer. 
Hours pass while I forget to eat a bite of food,
then hunger arrives and I nosh on the first thing I find.
But I do know that each and every day is day 1
Tomorrow, I will get out of bed an hour earlier. 
My heart will again visit the streets of Egypt
as my hands will prepare for my own day.
I will create a beautiful breakfast
and pack surprises to share 
during my time with a young friend.
I will breathe a little more deeply 
and watch where I place my feet. 
Perhaps I'll find something shiny on my path.

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