Reverb 10- December 3 - Moment

dappled sun on food smudged faces
chains of children linked by hands
racing to the bottom of the hill
spiderman crawling to its top

scavenger hunts for leaves of all color
hands rubbing rough bark
lips kissing smooth skinned trees
crowds gathered by the beetle's lair

lying on the ground watching leaves dance
leaping to catch them before they land
burying feet beneath the earth
digging the damp soil with tiny fingers

glistening, red faced, metallic scented wee ones
standing together eager to tell their stories
pockets filled with rocks, bark, wings
souls warmed by the sunshine

We become better at anything when we surround ourselves with those who have mastered the art we strive to understand. To learn to live fully, we need only watch the children who dance around us daily. Their eyes glow with eagerness and curiosity. They don't mute their wows, silence their questions, censor their words or withhold their hugs. I am grateful that my life includes so many wonderful moments with these little souls. Each of these moments opens my eyes and heart more widely.


  1. "They don't mute their wows, silence their questions, censor their words or withhold their hugs." oh yes, so much we could learn from children. i can see why you created this to represent your moment.

  2. love love love! reminds me to be grateful for these wild things living with me.

  3. This is beautiful. Children who dance around us daily... how can we deny that they are our teachers? Thank you.

  4. So well written! I thought about posting about seeing the world through my son's eyes and my nephews eyes. My son is 12, I was young when I had him and was so busy trying to survive, that often, I forgot to imagine what life looked, smelled, and felt like through the senses of a child. My nephew is two, so I feel like I'm getting another chance to see all of that. But my 12 year old never ceases to amaze me and often makes the most intelligent metaphors to help me understand him better. I am so grateful for these children in my life!