Ordinary Joy

Reverb10– December 27 – Ordinary Joy

Prompt: "Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments..."

joy reached out to me this year.
arms wrapped around me,
hugs from strangers who fast became friends. 
phone calls from new friends
just as old ones faded away.
a network of support 
that arose when I needed it most.
unexpectedly, i also found
joy in some dark places.
hospital rooms, psychiatric units 
and emergency rescues-
my year was filled with these.
in them, i discovered i could step up 
to meet the needs of those around me.
often bringing a smile to others nearby.

joy also found me in other moments.
in the middle of forests,
holding paint brushes, 
cheering at my niece's game,
laughing with toddlers, 
cooking in my kitchen,
cuddling with kittens,
singing with Michael Franti.

it is the magic of these ordinary moments
that brings such richness to my daily life.
i am grateful for these sparks of joy!

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